The Premium Costa Rica Fishing Vacation

Tarpon Fishing on the Caribbean and Billfishing on the Pacific in one package

There are those of you that want nothing less than the best fishing vacation in all of Central America. They say that those that go deep sea fishing are a different type of fisherman than those that seek world class Tarpon. Well, our opinion is that if you are true fisherman, then these two go together like steak and eggs. This vacation is only for those that know what they want and have the time to get it. This is two fishing packages jammed into two or three days of muscle punishing pure heaven.


1st Stage - Take off to Barra del Colorado for Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

Sansa Airline

You will depart early from San Jose International Airport on Sansa Airline and arrive at Barra del Colorado Airport in less than one hour. Just a short walk to stretch your legs and you will find yourself at the lodge where you might have a snack and drop off your gear. Then off to the dock to board your boat and be on your way.

Costa Rica Tarpon FishingEverything you need will be supplied for you. Fishing rods and reels for each type of fishing with the opportunity to select from some lures to catch the big one. Lunch will be provided on the boat including a few choices of drinks to quench your thirst.

Based upon the time of the year and current fishing conditions will determine if you fish the mouth of the Colorado River or upstream.

"I never thought it was possible to jump 20 Tarpon in one day"


22 foot center console Tarpon fishing boat

The boats used are in the 22 to 26 foot class, center console, and powered by a 4 stroke outboard. In most cases there will only be two fishermen per boat. If you and a family member want a boat, but only one wants to fish there is no problem. The second person can take all the pictures and it will save you some bucks at the same time.

The Evening of Day 1 Tarpon Fishing

Tropical Dinner

At the end of the day you will return to the lodge to get cleaned up to have a relaxing evening and some great Costa Rica cooking. Most rooms have air conditioning and there is a jacuzzi available as well. The bar does have a happy hour and there are many tropical delights to choose from.

The rooms are very comfortable making sure that you will be ready for continuing to your next destination of deep sea fishing the following day.


Morning of Day 2

Waking up to the sound of the ocean followed by a good breakfast your trip continues.

While planning your trip you might have chosen the option to take a river boat to Limon by the means of inland water ways, and then be shuttled to San Jose, or to have flown back. Many have compared this trip and the wildlife seen on this river boat to the Amazon River.

Day 2 Continues

You have the choice of staying in San Jose or being shuttled to Jaco where the Los Suenos Marina is located. San Jose offers the most entertainment with the largest selection of lodging in the country while Los Suenos is a five star resort. There are many options here to choose from. Some love to stay in Jaco where the beach offers a wonderful nightlife with music, dancing, clubs, and more.


2nd Stage - Day 3 - Deep Sea Fishing out of Los Suenos Marina

31' Fandango Sportfisher

It's 7:00 AM in the morning and you are checking into the finest marina in the country. Within 30 minutes you will be on course to the fishing grounds. Seasonal conditions will determine just how far you have to go for the best fishing. Billfishing in Costa Rica is by far the most popular. These deep blue waters produce some of the finest Marlins, Swords, and Sailfish you will find in the world.

Everything will be provided for you including snacks, fruit drinks, beer, bag lunch, and bottled water. Just bring your camera, some sun screen, a hat, and a desire to catch some big gamefish. The crew will help you every step of the way with the gear, methods to fish, handling, and where the best locations to fish are that day.

Around 3:30 PM you will head back to the marina. Based upon your actual package (because no two are ever the same) you will remain in the Jaco Beach area that evening or return to San Jose.

Roosterfish caught from the Fandango


Notes: There are many details to work out in a trip of this magnitude including transportation and / or car rental, what type of lodging, meals, dates and times, personal tours, and more. We will custom design your trip to match your budget and needs.


You have your choice of going deep sea fishing first followed by Tarpon fishing, just let us know!

Costa Rica Ultimate Sportfishing Trip Prices
(Estimated prices only - Standard Lodging - Including Shuttle Service)
Two days fishing and one night lodging
Stage 1 - Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing Lodge
(all inclusive -price per person)
Flight to Barra del Colorado from San Jose (one way) $68
One day fishing, one night lodging, all meals ($170 non fishing on boat) $435
Return by Scenic River Boat to Limon, then shuttled to San Jose $135
Total (per person) $570


Stage 2 - Deep Sea Fishing - Los Suenos Marina - Pacific Coast
(prices listed are for a party up to five people)
Shuttle from San Jose to Los Suenos Marina (leaving at 5:00 AM) $200
Full day charter on 31' boat for up to 5 people (1 - 4 fishing only) $900
Total (total price for 2 to 5 people, not per person) $1,100

Pricing Example For Three Fishermen $2,790
Day 1 - Tarpon Fishing
Fly to Colorado River Fishing Lodge and fish all day. Spend the night at the lodge. All inclusive except alcoholic beverages.
Day 2 - Take a tropical river boat
Half of your return trip to San Jose will be by way of a river boat on the inland waterways from the Colorado River to Limon. Then you will be shuttled from there into San Jose arriving in the mid afternoon. Bag lunch provided. Your choice of hotel in San Jose or Jaco will be an added cost to the package price listed below.
Day 3 - Deep Sea Fishing
First you are shuttled to Jaco at 5AM and arriving at the marina for your deep sea fishing trip around 7AM. After arriving in the late afternoon you will be taken back to San Jose unless you prefer to stay in Jaco.


This trip includes one night of lodging after the first day of fishing. The second or third nights of lodging were not included because each party has its own preferences and budgets. Once those are determined ($60 to $400 per night) you can determine the full cost of your fishing vacation.


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