Costa Rica Vacation and Sport Fishing


Sport Fishing on the Pacific Coast / Tarpon Fishing on the Caribbean

Your trip will include two days sport fishing out of Los Suenos Marina, and an option to fly into a world famous Tarpon fishing lodge that can only be accessed by plane, boat, or horseback. Another choice might be to take a tropical river boat tour along Costa Rica's exotic Caribbean northern coast. This trip also allows for a combined time of two days to relax, go surfing, or anything else that comes to mind.
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Itinerary - March 4th - 11th, 2008 - Party of 2
Day 1 Arrival and Shuttled to Jaco Beach
Jaco Beach and Los Suenos Resort & Marina

On arrival you will either take a taxi to the bus stop in San Jose followed by boarding a bus to Jaco, or take a private shuttle to Jaco Beach which is very close to where you will be fishing the following day.


Los Suenos Marina is the most popular fishing hotspot in all of Costa Rica. Located 10 minutes by taxi from the most popular surfing town in the county, Jaco Beach. Jaco has entertainment for all age groups that includes a great beach, snorkeling, surfing, canopy lines, jungle tours, good restaurants, and fine lodging.

Day 2 Sport Fishing out Los Suenos Marina
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31' Palm Beach Sportfisher

This sport fishing boat was built here in Costa Rica with one thing in mind, deep sea fishing off the Pacific Coast. No, you are not going to find AC, or front cabin with a bed and microwave. What you will find is a solid fiberglass constructed body with a lot of open space and hardware mounted where it is meant to be. All the gear you need to do both inshore and deep sea fishing will be on board.


This boat is actually owned by the dock master at Los Suenos. He captained the boat personally for years and then got into management. He keeps her in great shape at all times.

Everything is provided for you. Bottled water, fruit drinks, bag lunch, fruit, and beer. All tackle, rods, and lures are included.

Our customers in the past have really enjoyed how professional the crew is and how they make sure you are comfortable throughout the whole day. You will arrive back at the marina between 3:00PM and 4:00PM typically. From there you can spend some time at the marina restaurant and have them cook up your catch if you prefer. Believe me, they do a great job of it.

You will take a taxi back to your hotel from the marina.

Make sure you have sunscreen, hats, and comfortable clothing. Temperatures on the water will run from the mid 80's up to the mid 90's.


Location and Time:

Please be at the Los Suenos Marina by 7:00 AM.

Package Includes:

• 2 days sport fishing



• 1 day Tarpon fishing

• 1/2 day river boat

• Shuttle to and from Jaco


* not including licenses & tip. It's customary to pay the crew 10% at the end of the day.



Fishing licenses will be required for each person fishing. The price is $24 US dollars and correct change is recommended. This will be paid before getting on the boat. You must have a picture ID to purchase the license. Tarpon fishing will also require a freshwater license at $30 each.


Transportation to Los Suenos Marina from Jaco (pronounced Hawko) is about 10 minutes by taxi.


Though dollars are accepted in the country you will save money by paying in Colones. Currently the exchange rate is running about 500 Colones (pronounced colonies) per US dollar. You will be able to exchange money at any local bank. Do not exchange money with people on the streets under any conditions. It is very dangerous.


Please be very aware that while in Costa Rica you do not let anything out of your site that you care about. The people in the towns and large cities feel that what you are not holding onto is theirs. Gold chains, ear rings, watches, and other things that can be removed by force should not be worn in public places.

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Day 3 - Your are on your own
Jaco Beach

What is there to do on your day off? Well, I will just mention a few things. Jaco is known for surfing. That doesn't mean you have to use a board to surf on at all. Good timing on a wave and you can actually body surf which is fun for everyone. Then there are belly (boogie) boards which puts you midway into the real thing actually. Others just enjoy swimming in the warm clear water while soaking up the sun.


There are many tours to choose from in the area including canopy zip lines, gondolas, evening ocean cruises with dinning, snorkeling, jungle tours, and more.

Day 4 Sport Fishing out Los Suenos Marina
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31' Palm Beach Sportfisher (Fandango)

There are many different species of fish available in Costa Rica. The most common of all big game fish are the Sailfish. This is followed by Marlins, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Roosterfish, Wahoo, Grouper, and the list continues.


The big billfish are catch and release, while keeping a few of the tuna and dorado for a good evening dinner is very common. The boat will be yours for the full day. The captain will take you deep sea fishing or inshore at your request.

Day 5 (optional) - Returning to San Jose
A night in San Jose

Your fifth day will require you to do nothing more than get to a hotel in the San Jose area. We can arrange lodging for you or make some recommendations. You will want to be somewhat close to the airport because you will be flying out in the morning to the Rio Colorado Lodge. No, the website doesn't look like much but in this case it is deceiving.


Your trip from Jaco to San Jose can be by bus and takes about two hours ($3 each) or the use of a private shuttle. If you choose to use our shuttle, the driver's name is Nella and she can take you where ever you would like to go. She can tell you many things about the country and things to see and what's hot, and what's not. Maybe you might have her take you to a good restaurant, and then a tour of the city.


Here is a panoramic shot of San Jose from where we used to live in Escazu.


San Jose Costa Rica panoramic picture


San Jose by night


Make sure you get some sleep because you will be getting up early in the morning to catch a flight.

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Day 6 (optional)- Tarpon Fishing

There is so much to tell you about here that it's hard to find a place to start. In short, you will fly out of San Jose early in the morning to the Rio Colorado Lodge where you will be tarpon fishing that day followed by spending the night on site with all the comforts you could ever want from a remote lodge.


Everything you need with exception to a fresh water fishing license and alcoholic beverages is covered, everything. They even have a happy hour.


Tarpon fishing is something that most sportsmen have never had the opportunity to do. These fish are very unique and extremely powerful. It is not uncommon for someone to pull one into a boat not knowing any better, and get their legs broken from the sheer power of these amazing fish flipping around out of control. They live in both freshwater and saltwater and commonly schools get into the thousands. These highly acrobatic fish will entice the even the best fishermen.


For more information visit:

Costa Rica Tarpon fishing on our site.

Rio Colorado Lodge where you will actually be going.

Tarpon Fishing - Please watch the video on this page if you have time.

Day 7 - Riverboat to Limon and on to San Jose


A snippet from their site:


After having breakfast the morning after tarpon fishing you will board a riverboat for an exciting experience of a leisurely journey down our famous inland, canals, paralleling the Caribbean coast, through the tropical rain forest and jungle. Here we won't be surprised to see alligators basking in the sun, maybe a sloth in the overhanging trees, several varieties of birds, and flora species by the hundreds.


Continuing our trip south through the canals, we will arrive at the port of Hamburgo, where it is likely you'll see bananas being loaded on their way to distant markets. We'll lunch at Guacimo, one of the Atlantic zone growing towns, and afterwards continue with our trip on board our first class bus, to San Jose.


During the trip we'll cross the Reventazon and Pacuare Reivers, see spacious banana plantations, pass by the agriculturally rich towns of Siquirres and Guapiles, and as we climb again to the central plateau, we'll pass through famous Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of our least explored cloud forests, and upon leaving it, we'll emerge to a spectacular view of Heredia.



No, this isn't the spectacular view of Heredia, but it is a very common thing to see here.


You should arrive at San Jose around 3 to 4PM. This will allow you another free evening before flying out in the morning.

Note: These prices are for two people. Tarpon Fishing prices are approximate.

2 days fishing - Los Suenos Marina


Optional/ Tarpon Fishing - Fly in and out or riverboat out


Optional Private shuttle to or from Jaco
Includes time spent showing you the area. $20 less if no area tour.


Total (less licenses and tips)




Deposit required for the reservation of the Fandango and also the tarpon lodge. Full payment is required 30 days prior to reserved dates. There is an additional charge of 5% for the use of a credit card. We only accept VISA. Other payment arrangements can be made by wire transfer.


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