Costa Rica Vacation and Sport Fishing


Location: Manuel Antonio, Quepos

After your arrival on April 11th, you will be transported by shuttle or drive a SUV to Quepos/Manuel Antonio. This area was chosen because it's the best match for your itinerary and time available. Sport fishing, snorkeling, canopy (zipline), and more, all at one location with plenty of entertainment both day and night for everyone. Quepos / Manuel Antonio is a step back from the main tourist areas allowing for your party to really get a more complete feeling of the splendor Costa Rica has to offer.
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Itinerary April 11th - 15th (party of 4)
Day 1
Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio
3 Nights in Manuel Antonio, Quepos (day 1)

After arrival you will be picked up by our shuttle. From there you will be leaving to Quepos immediately. This is a fairly long trip taking 4 to 5 hours.


Your first three night's lodging is located only a few minutes away from downtown Quepos and about 300 yards from the beach. Currently there are Studio and Studio Plus rooms that are available. Costa Verde II Hotel

Yes the price per room is a little higher, but it is worth it with the savings you are going to get on airline tickets. This place is pure entertainment.


There are other locations like the El Avon (a 1954 C-123 Airplane) bar/club on the same property. Above and below are just a few pictures. To see more please visit: Costa Verde Manuel Antonio


Costa Verde Airplane Bar

Quepos Sport Fishing (day two)

Quepos is well known for all types of entertainment and fishing is surely one that many visit this southern little hideaway. We have chosen a boat for your party. It's a 36' Hatteras with AC, new engines, and all the gear needed to be very comfortable and will handle up to six fishermen. This boat has a excellent record in the Quepos area for not only catching fish, but making sure the client is well taken care of.

Charter Boat
Recommended Places for Dinning

Manuel Antonio RestaurantsWe recommend one of these three very popular restaurants for your birthday. The first #1 would be Barba Roja (roha). Fabulous ocean views, ranked top by Frommer's and many others. Good prices and large portions. Known very well for parties.


La Cantina #2 and #3(cyber cafe train) is located where you will be staying if there is still room available. This place also has the Airplane bar as well. Popular for all ages, good food, great views, and a Costa Rica nightlife environment.


The great thing about the latter two is you will be moments from your rooms and still not be limited for entertainment and great food.


Itinerary and Suggestions
Day One:

Arrival, Car, travel to Quepos

You will be picked up at the airport and be taken to Quepos / Manuel Antonio and check into your hotel. Unless of course you rent a car.

Day Two:

Deep Sea Fishing

You can take a taxi down to the docks at 7AM to board the boat. In some cases if the fish and game people are on site each person will be required to get a fishing license at $24 per person.

Day Three


In the morning you will be picked up at your hotel for your 1/2 day trip snorkeling.

Day Four:

AM Canopy Tour
PM Return to San Jose

1/2 day swinging from cables far above the jungle floor. Your transportation to and from the canopy tour is covered by the canopy company.

In the afternoon you will be shuttled back to your hotel in San Jose with plenty of time for an entertaining evening.

Day Five:

Returning to the airport

You will take the shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport after your complementary breakfast at Denny's.

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Days 3, 4, and 5
Snorkeling (day three)
Costa Rica scuba diving in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio offers good snorkeling areas with little wait time. You can have your choice of a morning or afternoon session. Typical 1/2 day outings involve two dive locations. After being briefed you will be at your first dive site within 15min. The two best of multiple locations will be chosen based upon water conditions. Volcanic rock formations with caves, coral, and an abundance of marine life. You can see more information here: Manuel Antonio Snorkeling.

  • Isla Largo
  • Canyon Reef
  • Light House Rock
  • El Auario
  • Pixie Rock
  • Ola quita

Canopy tour (day four)
Canopy tour in Manuel Antonio
  • 1500 meters long, one mile
  • 16 platforms
  • 12 cables
  • 1 355m and 1 430m cable
  • 5 minutes from Quepos

Take a bird's-eye look at nature from our jungle canopy

Designed for safety. 100% Safety record. Never an injury

After the 16th platform walk a few meters to Rancho Casa Grande, a Four Star Hotel with full amenities. Try the full bar and excellent food.


Return to San Jose (afternoon day 4)

San Jose HotelIt will take approximately four hours to drive back to San Jose from Quepos depending on the the traffic and conditions.



You will be spending the evening at the Garden Court Hotel.



It's a great place to relax with a casino, pool, and a happy hour at Pirates Bar & Grill.



Excellent ratings on



Free breakfast at Denny's Restaurant and free Internet access in the lobby.



Shuttles to the Airport every 20min. or when needed.

4 nights lodging in Quepos/Manuel Antonio and one night in San Jose.


1 day fishing on a 36' Hatteras (up to six)


1/2 day snorkeling $70/per pers.


1/2 day canopy tour @ $61 per person


Using our private shuttle to and from Quepos


Total (add-ons below)


Additions, changes, notes
Using our shuttle

Just a little cramped

Being all your activities are in the same area we could take you to your hotel, drop you off, and return you back to San Jose for $450.

That would save you $500 to $600 in car rental, plus you don't have to deal with directions. You would use taxis while you were in the Quepos area.



The prices listed are either exact or very close. They include the use of payment by credit card because many service providers charge additional fees for their use.

Some of the prices are listed per person so you can adjust as needed. You might only choose to go out on one boat instead of two if one or more of your party doesn't want to fish.



The prices here can change. Each service provider can change prices without notice. This itinerary is based upon the availability of each one of these service providers at 3:30 Central Time, Jan 22nd, 2008. Obviously, things can change between now and which time the reservation is made. In the event one or more services are not available, we have the right to find another provider of equal or better quality. You will be notified of this for your approval.


You can visit our main site for more information at:

Costa Rica Sport Fishing and also Costa Rica Tour Guide

Contact Information

Located in Costa Rica
US Phone: 866-512-8362
CR Phone:  011-506-446-0915
CR Mobile: 011-506-356-8780
Lee Johnson (manager)

Package for 4 Includes:

• 4 nights lodging & 5 days
• Transportation*
• 1 day Sport Fishing*

• 1/2 day Snorkeling

• 1/2 day Canopy (zip line)


* not inc. tips & licenses
* local taxi fairs not included



Day three and four could be combined if needed, but you would get back to your hotel around 11PM and leave the following morning to the airport.


Lodging is a high estimate. You can subtract about $400 if you only need 3 nights. Also you could stay in the basic rooms for even less.


Option for two days fishing. If you decided to stay four nights as listed above, you could also combine snorkeling and canopy into one day and then ad an additional day fishing for $1,260. There is another boat we could use that is very nice for about $200 less per day.


Reservation availability this time of year changes very rapidly, especially at the hotel. It is and has been one of the top rated hotels in Quepos for years.


Option: SUV Rental

Approx: $500 for a four door SUV if you would prefer instead of the shuttle.


Airline: Spirit Air out of Atlanta $159 round trip with this promotion code: Save $40

as long as you fly after April 8th.


Once you decide on the details then we will put together the final actual prices.


All prices include taxes (17%) plus credit card processing fees of 5%.



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