Lodging locations for your Costa Rica vacation

Everything is categorized by the area in which you wish to stay while visiting or vacationing here. We have tried to assemble a good variety of hotels and lodging for all budgets. We will be adding more lodging resources as time goes on.

This Costa Rica map allows you to choose a town to find out more information about it. What is the town known for, what kind of activities are available for vacationers and tourists, where to go for the best food, and more.

Only Locations in  WHITE  have available lodging at this time. More coming soon!


Lodging Tips for Costa Rica

1. Hotels in Costa Rica are not always as they appear in pictures.

2. Never leave anything unattended no mater where you are or how trivial it may seem.

3. Try to carry all valuables that are important with you at all times. Do not leave them in the room.

4. Do not answer questions or give money to those that ask you, it could be dangerous.

5. Stay off dark side streets especially when they have few or no people.

6. Don't expect hand soap or shampoo in economical or budget lodging locations.