Costa Rica Fishing - Wahoo Picture

Fish Description: Wahoo are a very long and slender fish. They are a dark greenish or steel-blue color on top with a paler below. They have zebra like stripes extending down both sides. With a pointed head and a snout half the length of the head they are easy to recognize. The posterior part of maxilla is hidden under pre orbital area. They have strong knifelike teeth and the dorsal fins are not well separated.

Costa Rica Wahoo Fishing

Costa Rica Wahoo Fishing

Size: Typically in the 20 to 30 pound range, and can reach over well over 100 lbs.

Remarks: The Wahoo are very fast swimmers and they feed on squids and small fish. It is respected by many anglers for its sheer speed and hard fighting abilities. It also is excellent to eat.

Costa Rica Wahoo