Costa Rica Fishing - Spotted Seatrout Picture

Fish Description: The Spotted Seatrout is dark gray or green on the top with sky blue shading down to its silvery and white below. There are numerous distinct round black spots on its back that extend to the dorsal fins including its tail. There is a black margin on the posterior of its tail. It has no barbells and has one or two prominent canine teeth usually present at the tip of the upper jaw area.

Costa Rica Trout Fishing Trip

Costa Rica Spotted Seatrout

Size: Typically they range in the four pound area when caught.

Remarks: The Spotted Seatrout matures during its first or second year and spawns Inshore. They live mainly in estuaries and move only short distances. The adults feed mainly on shrimp and small fish. They prefer water temperatures between 58 and 81o F, and may be die if trapped in shallow water during cooler weather. Life expectancy is 8 to 10 years.

Costa Rica Spotted Seatrout