Costa Rica Fishing - Tarpon Picture

Fish Description: The Tarpon has one unusual characteristic in that its last ray of its dorsal fin extends into one long filament. It has one dorsal fin and the fish itself is dark blue to green or greenish black which fades into a shading bright silver on the sides. I may be brownish gold when it is in estuarine waters. They are known for huge scales and mouth that is large and pointed upward.

Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

Costa Rica Tarpon

Size: The average of angler catches are range from 40 to 50 pounds. Costa Rica Tarpon can reach over 200 lbs. though.

Remarks: Slow grower; matures at 7 to 13 years of age; During the spawning season the female may lay more than 12 million eggs. A Tarpon can handle salt and freshwater and they can actually breath air above the water surface making them not like the typical fish.

Tarpon feed on fish and large crustaceans.

Costa Rica Tarpon