Costa Rica Fishing - Swordfish Picture

Fish Description: The back of the Swordfish has a range of grayish blue, brown, metallic and purple, or a bronze look. Its sides are kind of light muddy color and its underbelly is an off white. The Costa Rica Swordfish has a long, flat, sword-like upper jaw and does not have scales, teeth, or pelvic fins. A single keel on each side of its body in front of tail, first dorsal fin is high.

Costa Rica Swordfish Fishing

Costa Rica Swordfish

Size: In the past the Swordfish averaged 200 pounds, but now with commercial fishing that has changed. Currently and average is around 48 inches.

Remarks: Large swordfish are all females, males rarely exceed 200 pounds. Except when spawning the females are believed to prefer water that is cooler than that favored by male Swordfish. They feed on squid, octopus, and pelagic fish of all kinds.

Costa Rica Swordfish