Costa Rica Fishing - Sailfish Picture

Fish Description: Sailfish are typically dark blue on top with a brown-blue mid section. Their belly area is a silvery white. The upper jaw elongated in the form of a spear. The first dorsal fin is greatly enlarged in the shape of a sail with many black spots. The front of it is squared off and it's highest at its midpoint. The pelvic fins are very narrow, reaching almost to the anus. The body is covered with imbedded scales. The lateral line is curved over pectoral then straight to the base of the tail.

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Costa Rica Sailfish

Size: Common up to 7 feet.

Remarks: Fast growing species, reaching 4 to5 feet in one year. Sailfish swim at speeds up to 50 knots and feed on the surface or at mid-depths on smaller pelagic fish and squid.

Costa Rica Sailfish