Costa Rica Fishing - Gag Grouper Picture

Fish Description: Gag Grouper are brownish gray in color with dark worm-like markings on their sides. They have a strong serrated spur at bottom margin of their preopercle that is less noticeable in large specimens. The fins are dark with anal and caudal having a white margin. Gag Grouper are often confused with black grouper. The most noticeable differences are the brassy spots on black grouper. The tail of gag is slightly concave and the back is square. The gag grouper has white margin on anal and caudal fins where the black does not. Typically under 10 pounds the gag's spur on preopercle is distinctive, but the black's is gently rounded.

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Costa Rica Gag Grouper

Size: common up to 25 pounds

Remarks: Young gag grouper are typically female and then turn into males as they grow larger and older. They feed on fish and squid.

Costa Rica Gag Grouper