Costa Rica Fishing - American Shad Picture

Fish Description: The color of the back is green or greenish blue with a metallic luster; silvery sides and a white underneath (color of skin when the fish enters fresh water to spawn); belly with the scutes forming a distinct keel; there are one or more dark spots in a row behind the operculum; the lower jaw has a pointed tip that fits into a v-shaped notch in the upper jaw.

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Costa Rica American Shad

Size: Typical catches 2 to 3 pounds; common to 5 pounds.

Remarks: Anadromous species that comes into fresh water to spawn; young remain in fresh water to length of 2 to 4 inches, then they move out to the sea. Mainly a plankton feeder, but strikes small, bright spoons or small flies. Their roe can be as many as 30,000 in a single female and is prized. Commercial and private Costa Rica fishing novices and experts alike use Shad on a regular basis.

Costa Rica Shad