Big Selection of Costa Rica Sport Fishing trips.

Did you know there are hundreds of Costa Rica Sport fishing businesses from you to choose from? Starting out from the individual with a 18' panga and a small outboard engine up to the million dollar plus yacht with the same luxuries as a fine hotel means there is something for every angler.

Prices for Costa Rica Sportfishing trips can start out as low as $75 for 1/2 day in a non covered panga (basic fiberglass v-hull), and the sky is the limit on the high side for those of you that want royal treatment for your family or business group.

Fishing in Costa Rica is a great experience that you will never forget. Take some time off and getaway, you deserve it.


Many people like the idea of an all inclusive Costa Rica Sport Fishing package because of the convenience and the amount of time saved in doing all the scheduling for the trip. Many of sport fishing companies here in Costa Rica will set you up with all travel to and from the airport, lodging, and even meals if you want. These packages can be very affordable and allow you to do what you came for here in the first place and that is to go fishing.


Why a Costa Rica Sport Fishing package?

No other country in the world can offer so much for so little. There is a variety of fishing including fresh and saltwater plus many other kinds of entertainment for you and your friends. A good Costa Rica fishing package has a lot more to offer other than just fishing.